Targeted Cancer Therapies



    Targeted therapies use drugs or other substances that specifically target cancer in ways that attempt to minimize harm to healthy cells. 

Cancer Stem Cells


Cancer stem cells are a special type of cell that every tumor produces. At some point after a tumor forms cancer stem cells and tumor cells their way into the lymph nodes and blood. Cancer stem cells can disguise themselves as normal cells, just like tumor cells can, allowing them to evade the body’s immune system. 

CAR-T Cell Therapy


Instead of using dendritic cells, CAR-T-cell therapy is an immunotherapy that creates a vaccine out of a patient’s T cells. T cells are a special type of pathogen killing white blood cell. 

Dendritic Cell Therapy


One of the most promising immunotherapies is Dendritic Cell Therapy (DCT), which found its way to the United States from Germany over two decades ago. DCT has proven to be very safe and effective in many contexts, but unfortunately the United States has been very slow in fully adapting it. One might ask, why? 

Epigenetic Therapy


Epigenetics is the science of how differences or aberrations in cells can turn genes on or off. For example, if inherited genes, viruses, toxins or chemo and radiation disrupt normal gene processes, genes can malfunction and promote cancer, heart conditions, mental illness, diabetes and other degenerative diseases.  The premise of the healing approach in epigenetics is to discover what conditions caused the cancer in the first place, and then to reverse or restore these conditions to a healthy state.


Alternative Cancer Treatment Centers


 All of the treatment centers I listed are cash only and can cost as much as 4,000 to 8,000 dollars per week, depending on the type of treatment offered. I studied their websites and interviewed each center as part of the screening process. A number of centers did not make my final list, even though I researched over 30 facilities offering some form of alternative or integrative cancer therapy. That is not to say that other credible alternative treatment centers in the United State do not exist. Please do your own research and 

Selenium And Cancer


Selenium is a trace mineral and a powerful antioxidant providing key support to the immune system in preventing and fighting numerous diseases. 

Book Review: Icing


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Melatonin And Cancer


Melatonin is an often-overlooked supplement that can be taken by cancer patients to mitigate the negative effects of chemo and radiation therapy, and simultaneously act as a powerful anticancer agent. It also has the added benefit of acting as a potent sleep aid.

Modified Citrus Pectin And Cancer


There is growing evidence suggesting that MCP has powerful cancer fighting mechanisms. In one study, researchers concluded that MCP inhibits cancer cells from combining to form tumors in areas of the body outside the primary tumor, causing cancer cells to commit cell suicide.

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