Pancreatic Enzymes And Cancer

Pancreatic enzymes are also known as proteolytic enzymes, and have been extensively studied in their ability to prevent and treat cancer. In regard to cancer, they fit under the category of enzyme therapy, and became a popular treatment used by alternative practitioners in the early 20th century. Clinical and observational studies suggest that pancreatic enzymes inhibit progression of disease for most cancers, increase life expectancy, reduce the side effects of chemo and radiation, and reduce the rate of treatment induced viral infections.1 There is a caution however, to not take these enzymes for at least three days prior to, or following surgery, because they may increase the risk of bleeding.2  To their credit, all of their claims are documented with well founded studies. 

In recent years, Doctor Nicholas Gonzalez popularized enzyme therapy and has had tremendous success treating later staged cancer patients. In particular, he first gained popularity when he used high-dose pancreatic enzyme therapy to treat advanced pancreatic cancer patients, substantially extending life in many cases. Doctor Gonzalez recently passed, but his treatment center in New York City continues his excellent work. His cancer protocol also includes detoxification, diet and other natural supplements. In addition to Doctor Gonzalez, numerous naturopathic doctors promote pancreatic enzymes therapy as a credible anticancer fighting agent, as well as a safe and effective complement to  chemo and radiation therapy.3  

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Biotics Research Corporation manufactures pancreatic enzymes under the label Intenzyme Forte. They are enteric-coated to prevent digestion prior to entering the small intestine, and should be taken on an empty stomach. A number of other substances are in these supplements that assist in stimulating enzyme activity, digestion and absorption, and include Bromelain, Papain, Lipase, Amylase, Trypsin & Alpha Chymotrypsin, and vegetable cultures. The main ingredient is Pancreatin and comes in various concentrations, such as 4X or 8X, meaning four or eight times the standard concentration. This product has excellent reviews and credibility associated with it. hey are easily ordered over or other stores on the Internet.



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