Alternative Cancer Treatment Centers

Alternative Cancer Treatment Centers

    All of the treatment centers I listed are cash only and can cost as much as 4,000 to 8,000 dollars per week, depending on the type of treatment offered. I studied their websites and interviewed each center as part of the screening process. A number of centers did not make my final list, even though I researched over 30 facilities offering some form of alternative or integrative cancer therapy. That is not to say that other credible alternative treatment centers in the United State do not exist. Please do your own research and compare what you find to my list, before making a decision. The centers on my list all offer viable options to potentially extend life even after failing conventional treatment. They are not listed in any special order other than to say they are credible, professional, and have excellent patient testimonies to back them up. EuroMed is one of the first ones I was impressed with, so I listed them first.

1. EuroMed Foundation: Located in Phoenix, Arizona. EuroMed offers a holistic and integrative approach to cancer treatment. They offer IPT (low dose chemotherapy), along with various natural approaches to healing, such as detoxification, nutritional therapy, natural substance intravenous therapy, such as high dose Vitamin C, Hyperthermia, Ozone Therapy, PEMF (pulsed electro-magnetic therapy), and a homeopathic immune modulator called the George Protocol. They have been successfully treating patients well over a decade. Their website hosts numerous positive testimonies from patients. The URL is:


2. An Oasis of Healing Alternative Cancer Center:  Located in Mesa, Arizona. It offers a whole range of holistic and alternative treatment protocols, which are very similar to EuroMed. They specialize in treating cancer with detoxification, nutrition and fasting, IPT, intravenous Vitamin C and oxidative therapies, such as Ozone Therapy, and Infrared Heat Therapy. This is a smaller cancer center with a very low patient to nurse ratio, allowing more individualized care. With over 12 years of cancer treatment experience, they have accumulated extensive credibility in treating cancer. Their website has a number of patient testimonies who experienced excellent outcomes. URL is:


3. Cancer Center For Healing: Located in Irvine, California. This center offers a wide array of holistic and alternative therapies, much like the previous two centers mentioned, including nutrition and exercise. This center also specializes in the R.G.C.C. (Research Genetic Cancer Centre)  Greece tests and targeted natural substance therapy, and IST.

    This center is one of the first to offer a promising new therapy called Supportive Oligonucleotide Technique (SOT), which is a gene expression therapy and does not use chemo drugs. SOT is usually only offered to patients that have no active tumors. It targets circulating cancer tumor and stem cells by inducing apoptosis, or cell death. It can also cross the blood-brain barrier. Their website contains a number of very positive patient testimonies.  The URL is: 

4. Issels Immuno-Oncology: Issels has an outpatient facility in Santa Barbara, California, and an inpatient Hospital in Tijuana, Mexico. It is a state-of-the-art Cancer Immunotherapy Cancer center and is designed to restore the body’s own complex immune and defense mechanisms to recognize and eliminate cancer cells without the use of toxic pharmacology. They use an integrative approach with protocols that are based on years of clinical experience. They offer cancer vaccine and immune system activation protocols, advanced targeted gene therapies and hyperthermia. The Tijuana facility is used for Immunotherapy and requires patients to travel there for the vaccine to be created. Their treatment model is based on advanced therapies that are being used in Germany. Many of their metastatic patients, who failed conventional treatment, have amazing testimonies of their cancer going into remission. The URL is: 

5. Florida Integrative Medical Center (FIMC): FIMC is located in Sarasota, Florida. This center is much like the previous centers and offers an extensive menu of alternative and natural therapies that treat cancer and many other degenerative diseases. They have been in business for a number of years and have an outstanding reputation. I can say this from first hand experience. FIMC can also use Reflexology to help identify a more patient specific treatment plan, if a patient wishes to use it. For those who don’t know what Reflexology is, let me explain.

    Reflexology is an alternative medicine technique that is considered pseudoscientific by many in conventional medicine. It is based on the belief that certain pressure points on the feet hands and ears correspond to various organs and systems in the body, and that by massaging these pressure points it can benefit the health of the body. It also employs muscle response testing that uses a biofeedback loop for identifying nutritional deficiencies or sensitivities to various substances. FIMC integrates information from the Greece Tests and Reflexology to help determine the most effective substances to use. FIMC has patients from all over the southeast. The URL is:

 6. Silver Institute for Life Extension Medicine. Located in Scottsdale, AZ, Doctor Silver offers a comprehensive program of integrative and natural therapies that target cancer and other degenerative diseases. Doctor Silver is a cancer survivor himself and has been successfully treating cancer patients for over 20 years. He is also a renowned cardiologist. His personal experience brings a unique perspective to treating cancer. Like many other Alternative and Integrative Cancer Doctors he uses a whole body approach. He first preforms extensive testing in an effort to find the root causes of the disease and then develops a comprehensive treatment plan tailored to each patient’s profile. He has had excellent success treating cancer patients and using IPT as a powerful integrative protocol with natural therapies. The URL is:

 7. Forsythe Cancer Care Center: Doctor James Forsythe is a famous integrative-alternative oncologist, who has been practicing medicine for over 50 years. His clinic is in Reno, Nevada.  He has successfully treated thousands of late stage cancer patients. It is astonishing that most of his patients not only go into remission, but most of them are also late stage cancer patients that have failed conventional treatment. Doctor Forsythe gives them hope and a realistic chance to survive their disease when no other option exists. Despite his success at treating late stage cancer patients, he has endured numerous vicious attacks from conventional cancer doctors and researchers.

    The Forsythe Protocol is an intensive three week program of IPT sessions twice a week, and a combination of intravenous (IV) natural substance therapy on the non-IPT days. Poly-MVA is also taken orally for three or four months following the initial three-week program.  Some patients might also do a once a week follow-up IPT session for up to 12 weeks while taking oral Poly-MVA.  Doctor Forsythe carefully documents the outcomes of his patients. He published a 40-month study of over 500 patients with multiple types of late stage cancer, all of which participated in the IPT/Poly-MVA protocol. The average survival rate was 59 percent. In comparison to conventional treatment, his success rate is stunning.

    To see the clinical results using this protocol go to URL: For general information go to URL:

 8. The Center for Advanced Medicine: Located just north of Atlanta in Johns Creek, Georgia. Doctor Jonathan Stegall is an integrative oncologist and offers a number of popular alternative cancer therapies, including his own protocol, which is something similar to the Forsythe protocol. He also uses the Greece Tests to target each patient’s cancer cells more effectively using chemo and natural substances. There are very few doctors in the southeast region of the United States who offer a comprehensive IPT and natural substance program. The URL is:

 9. Progressive Medical Center (PMC): PMC is located on the north side of Atlanta, Georgia. During most of 2017, PMC offered a comprehensive cancer treatment program patterned after the Forsythe IPT protocol, however, their Integrative Oncologist left and it is uncertain as to whether they will re-staff this position in 2018. Although IPT may not be currently available, they do offer a wide range of holistic and natural therapies that target cancer and other degenerative diseases.

    Like most other centers, PMC has Naturopathic Doctors and other specialists on staff. They also offer the Greece tests for targeted oral and IV therapy. The URL is:

 10. The Burzynski Patient Group: Located in Houston, Texas. Doctor Stanislaw Burzynski is a prominent physician and biochemist, who pioneered an innovative cancer therapy using targeted active peptides, called antineoplastons. His approach identifies abnormal genes and pathways that can be targeted with substances that can selectively kill cancer. Gene targeted therapy blocks the growth of cancer and does not harm healthy cells.

    His patients are predominantly late stage cancer patients that failed conventional treatment, yet his patients experience a very high response rate of 40 to 60 percent. This statistic includes both partial and complete responses.20 His greatest successes appear to be in treating brain and breast cancer, and non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. The URL is:

 11. Oasis of Hope Hospital:AlthoughOasis of Hope Hospital is not in the United States it is worth mentioning. It is just across the border from San Diego, California in Tijuana, Mexico. Itoffers numerous integrative, holistic and alternative cancer therapies, some of which are not available in the United States. They publish detailed statistics on patient treatment outcomes for each type of cancer on their website and their success in treating late staged cancers is excellent. The research supporting their integrative approach is well documented on their website. The URL is:

 12. NORI Protocol: NORI stands for Nutritional Oncology Research Institute. It is an independent research organization. NORI was formed by a group of researchers who put their findings together to form an alternative cancer treatment protocol. This protocol is non-toxic, low cost, safe and can be done at home. However, a certified doctor, who is trained in this protocol, is required to oversee the treatment.

    The NORI Protocol targets the metabolic abnormalities found in cancer, and it emphasizes a low methionine diet. It requires patient’s to take a lot of digestive enzymes. It also incorporates high dose selenium, in the form of sodium selenite, with several other natural substances that synergistically work together with a low methionine diet to cause cancer cell suicide.

    To be effective, this protocol requires patients who are willing to exercise exceptional eating discipline. Of note, over exposure to selenium can be very toxic and should only be done under the supervision of a doctor.  NORI also provides helpful information to their patients on how to work through the complex web of alternative cancer treatment centers and how to make the best decision for their situation. To join NORI each member pays a one-time fee and must be under the care of a NORI network doctor. The URL for NORI is:


13. Health and Wellness Center of Carmel (HWC): HWC is located in Carmel, Indiana. WHC offers a comprehensive assortment of natural and holistic cancer therapies similar to many of the centers previously discussed. Dr. Clifford Fetters is the Medical Director and is a national leader in holistic cancer treatment. HWC is also one of the few alternative cancer centers in the United States that offers IST.  They also offer SOT for those with a low cancer load. The URL is:

 14. Clinic Solutions International (CSI): CSI is located in Houston, Texas and is headed by Doctor Virginia Werner, who has a Ph.D. in Nutritional Therapy. She is well versed in nutrition, biochemistry and epigenetics. Epigenetics is a field of medical science that restores damaged genes that have mutated as a result of toxins, cancer, viruses, bacteria, nutritional deficiencies, or from some other source. CSI’s treatment goal is to use past and present research, and clinical experience to bring forth a healthy cellular state in the body.

    They offer a unique Cellular Stress Assessment test utilizing DNA specimens from a patient’s saliva. These tests help decode numerous diseases and provide a link to some cancers, endocrine disorders, allergies, yeast and fungal infections, chronic autoimmune disorders, mental illnesses, autism, dyslexia, ADD and many other degenerative conditions. They also test for the presence of over 2,000 different toxic substances, including things like parasites, metals, pesticides, and radiation damage. They use these tests to tailor a specific nutritional and herbal supplemental treatment plan that seeks to detoxify and heal the body. They might also prescribe a modified protein solution that can repair damaged genes and restore gene processes that help the body heal. In some instances Doctor Werner can restore  damaged genes to the extent that it will reverse a degenerative disease, including some cancers.

    Testimonies of several cancer patients are published on Doctor Werner’s website. It appears Doctor Werner has had some excellent success treating Breast Cancer patient’s with the BRAC1 or BAC2 gene. Although there are not a lot of testimonies form cancer patients on this website, their protocol might help those who’s immune system and gene expressions are severely damaged from chemotherapy and radiation. This approach may be very helpful in not only helping the body resist any remaining cancer but help prevent a later chemo or radiation induced cancer.

    The initial cost is $3,000 for a four-part evaluation that does not require an office visit. A saliva test kit is sent to the patient in the mail with instructions on how to take the tests and ship them to the lab. The four tests include, DNA Cellular Stress Assessment, Chromosome Testing, MTHFR (Methylation) Test, and a Gene Correlation and Functionality Test. Once the tests are evaluated, Doctor Werner puts together a nutritional and herbal supplement plan, which may also include a modified protein solution. Follow up tests are performed at certain intervals to evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment regimen. Costs for the follow up tests and herbal supplements might be several hundred dollars or more a month.

    Also keep in mind that since epigenetics is a process of biologically repairing damaged genes and chromosomes, it can take a number of months to get results. The URL is: